LT123 • expertise drives learning

LT123 is the new name for Language Testing 123.

We are a full-service provider of high-quality language learning and assessment.

We deliver expertise in managed solutions as a trusted partner of leading publishers, exam boards and universities worldwide.

We offer consultancy, and we design and develop syllabuses, tests, courses, books and digital banks of material.


Today demand for excellent English language skills is higher than ever. Learners, education providers and employers require quality and rigour in learning and assessment. LT123 is perfectly placed to provide this. We use our expertise to:


Successful projects depend on creative and intelligent thinking. LT123 drives effective and tailored education solutions by combining knowledge and innovation. We provide:


Learning styles and preferences are vastly different. LT123 creates tests, courses, learning and training activities across a variety of platforms to cater for all these needs. We deliver: